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From the time I could hold a pencil, I've been dreaming and creating. Throughout all the ups and downs in my life, art was always my faithful outlet and expression of my heartfelt desires. The only thing better than being able to express my passion, is having the opportunity to share it with others. I have art classes available for all ages and all abilities. I also run paint parties, for which you can find information and purchase your tickets. Words cannot express the joy I feel from teaching, regardless of the format. Not only have I seen individuals who thought they didn't have talent, create incredibly beautiful works of art, but I have seen people turn from shy and reserved into outgoing and confident artists. Much like meditation or yoga, art allows us those moments of concentration when we come in contact with our true self. Watching people find their inner beauty is the most miraculous and amazing experience, and I am so fortunate to be a part of it!

I am in a shifting process, and my own work will soon be focused on images that not only reveal a beautiful image, but a message of healing and self love. I have experienced much loss and devastation in my life, and today I am full of joy! Images frequently pop into my head of messages that have helped me heal and live a happy and successful life. I believe these images are meant to be shared, so others can view but a single picture that reveals so much power and positivity. I cannot wait to start this new journey and share these images with you all soon! My art is always available for sale in my web store.

You can currently visit me on Facebook, and watch for a new Instagram page coming soon which will be focused on my inspirational contemporary art.

                                                                                          Jessica Cormier