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Art Classes - 2019
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Teaching art lessons is more than just teaching art for me. My goal is to continuously come up with new ideas to teach art concepts in fun and creative ways. I feel like my students become my art family, and I love every second of our time together.  I receive messages from students and parents all the time, telling me that their child/they have been able to release stress, and can't wait to attend art class every week. Whether you're attending to extend your art skills, or to release anxiety, I promise to recognize everyone's individual needs. I strive to always bring out the beauty each of us hold inside, and express it through the amazing art we will create together!

                                                                                                                                                                              Jessica Cormier



Ages 4-8 - No classes for 2018/2019

Term 1 -  

Term 2

Using a variety of materials, students will learn art concepts such as perspective, balance, colour theory, and so much more!  For this age group lessons are simplified, but students will surprise you with how much complex theory they will retain. Paint parties, shading, 3D shapes, and more....we always have a ton of fun!



Ages 9-16 - No Classes 2018/2019

Term 1

Term 2 -

Using a variety of materials, students will learn complex art concepts in fun and creative ways.  All kinds of lessons from paint parties, to sketching/shading animals and portraits. Art theory disguised as fun lessons. They won't be able to wait to show you what they learned at art class!




At the Davidson Centre Kincardine (old seniors room)

Wednesdays - March 20th 2019 to May 1st 2019 - 10:30 to 11:30am

I am so excited to offer this class open to all!  If you enjoy paint parties, or have always wanted to expand on your love of art, this is a chance to begin or further your art skills. You will develop a deeper understanding of art concepts, while exploring a variety of materials. Schedule an hour a week to release your inner artist, and learn some new concepts in fun and creative ways!

* Register for this class directly through the Davidson Centre by visiting their main office  - SOME SUPPLIES ARE REQUIRED, PLEASE REFER TO FEES BELOW.



* $160 (including tax) for the Davidson Centre class

* Required supplies: sketch book (30 pages), sketching pencils, kneaded eraser, ruler, sharpener (that holds shavings), one small and one large blending tool/stump. Please do not feel the need to buy expensive supplies, and if you already have them, they do not need to be new (please bring whatever you already have).

Sketching supply kit available at Michaels Arts and Craft Store (part of the materials required)


Photos from our end of the year Gallery 2017

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