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“Amy's Sunset”

In celebration of the life of my dear friend Amy Boudrias.

I live my life through my imagination, and this is the image that immediately came to mind when I thought about my time with her. Amy was a warm loving light who spread her joy throughout our small town. You knew when she thought you were “awesome” and she was never afraid to dole out a giant hug! She taught me that something others view as a disability can be an incredible gift.

As I painted this and thought of how much I hate painting straight lines, I heard her voice saying, “that’s easy”! That girl could draw a straight line free hand better than I could draw one with a ruler!

I believe that Amy’s loving presence will shine upon this community forever. A piece of her will be there when someone remembers how difference is beautiful, and when we hug or give an encouraging word. She leads us now in a different way, but I believe she’s still here guiding us all towards love and understanding.

In honour of my dear friend Amy, 15% of all sales of this print will forever go to Community Living Kincardine.


“Gratitude for Freedom”

Because our military put their lives on the line for us, we get to feel protected in our beautiful country where we live free! I know I could never leave my children, and sacrifice my life. When I think of how these men and women do this for us daily, I cannot stop the tears of gratitude I have for them.

This Remembrance Day and every day...THANK YOU!

*10% of sales will go to VETS Canada


"Live in the Now"

This is the image that has been on my mind for quite some time. It’s what led me to starting my line of inspirational art, and you can download it in high resolution, for FREE!

If you haven’t read Eckhart Tolle’s, “The Power of Now”, you absolutely should! Realizing that if I remained present, I had no problems, was life changing for me.

My goal is to design art that you would want to display on your wall, and will also have a message that has helped me through the many difficult times in my life.

I hope that  you’ll want to share my art with anyone you feel it could help, and follow my Facebook page (Inspirational Art by Jessica Cormier) to join me on this journey.

I’ve watched many friends post statuses displaying vulnerability, but soon after remove those posts out of embarrassment, even though their true emotions may have helped others. I plan to lay my heart on the line and speak about my faults and how I’ve found ways to overcome negative thinking and behaviour. I hope through my creative messages you will be helped as well!


"Cocoon" A tribute to my younger brother Nathan

"Just when the caterpillar thought his life was over, he became a butterfly".

"Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to "die before you die" - and find that there is no death". - Eckhart Tolle

Two quotes that have shone so much light on every aspect of my own life and the life of my younger brother Nathan. Holding someone's hand as they pass is so powerful. In the course of a single minute you feel a boost of energy, and every moment you've had with that person flashes in your mind as if you were passing on yourself. I saw Nathan as a funny, outgoing kid. I saw Christmases and Birthdays, movies, and Canada's Wonderland. I also saw memories of frustration and addiction. Of sadness...of losing my brother before he ever took the journey from this life to the next. 

I think that we're all searching for the death of our ego and the release of our soul before we actually die. Searching to connect with our spiritual self (who we truly are), before we depart this world. Finding inner peace in a world of "things" is not easy. A lot of us have forgotten how to trust our journey, and to love ourselves fully and completely. Along our search, some of us get lost. We mask our ego with drugs and alcohol because we don't know how else to stop the pain. 

Seeing first hand the beautiful, sweet and caring soul of my funny little brother slip into someone I didn't know was heart breaking. Watching him pass away after falling drunk down a flight of stairs was beyond words. But, after holding his hand as he passed, and hearing his messages whispered to me from a place without spoken words, I can say with confidence, he's just on the next step of our journey. He was here to teach me and my family about addiction, love and loss, and to push us to help others. 

My piece "Cocoon" is free to download, share, print, and use whatever way you like. I designed it as a reminder that death is not the end, and to stir up some conversation with our family, friends and children. Please if you choose to share my art, also have a discussion with your kids about drugs and alcohol. Remind people how incredible they are, and that whether it be in a church, through meditation, or daily self reflection, we can find our way to inner peace and confidence without having to mask the pain of our ego. The answer is always through Love.