Jessica Cormier Studios

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Fine Art and Ready Hang Prints Available for Purchase

All Original Art and Prints shown here are available for purchase from my Web Store. Shipping is available to anywhere in Canada FREE. Please ask about U.S. Shipping discount on multiple items. All prints are high quality and are almost impossible to distinguish from the original. Some are available on high quality art paper and others are ready hang frameless prints. Canvas prints are available through special request only. There is also an option to add my original signature and a personal message on the back. Prints will appear without my name watermarked on them, and without a border.

Feel free to contact me for local pick up or delivery.

Colour Block Lion

Prints available in 16x16 & 24x24


Mystical Creature

Prints available in 12x16


Calling All Angels

Original Acrylic Painting on Gallery Canvas 12x36


Breathe Life Into Everything You Do

Original Acrylic Painting on Gallery Canvas 12x36


Running the Rainbow

Original Acrylic Painting on Gallery Canvas 12x36


Hockey Stop

Prints Available in 12x12


Imagination of a Little Girl

Prints available in 16x20


Imagination of a Little Boy

Prints available in 16x20


Blanket of Love

Prints available in 11x14

100% of the profit will go to Home of Grace Orphanage


Chromatic Keys

Prints available in 12x36

Patrick's Song

Prints available in 20x20

  Everlasting Love

This painting is for my Papa, who is now a warm energy of light instead of in a human body. I feel him in the sun when it hits my face, and in every warm hug I receive. I hear his gentle whisper when I paint and I feel his love around me. We don't ever "die", we simply turn into love, and love is everlasting.

Prints available in 16x20

The Kincardine Harbour

Prints available in 18x24 

The Point Clark Lighthouse

Prints available in 18x24

Truly Toronto

Prints available in 11x14